Integrate Snowflake with MuleSoft

For a detailed post on Snowflake, check here:

Create a Snowflake Warehouse and load data!
Check how to create a snowflake warehouse and load data.

Let's now integrate Snowflake with MuleSoft.

We will use the employee table created in the previous blog.

  1. Create a new mule application
  2. Add Database module
  3. Create a generic database connection
  4. Add maven dependency
    You can copy paste the below dependency:
  5. Drag a select operation and insert query:
    select * from employees
  6. Add Transformation to prepare the final payload
    %dw 2.0
    output application/json
    payload map ((employee, index) -> {
        employee_id: employee.ID,
        employee_name: employee.NAME,
        employee_age: employee.AGE
  7. Now we can run the app and hit the postman

Hope you liked this integration with snowflake. Cheers. 🍻

Tirthankar Kundu

Tirthankar Kundu