Running AWS DynamoDB in your local workspace

Recently, I was working on a hobby project with Dynamo DB. While in development, I was doing a lot of calls to the actual AWS Dynamo DB. I wanted to avoid this and after some research, I was able to run it in local. I will share the same here so that you can also take benefits of it!

AWS is the future of Cloud computing. Check this previous article where I talk about some of the services.

AWS Cloud Computing
AWS and its use.

Steps to run Dynamo DB in local.

  • Get Docker Installed on your machine


  • Pull the Dynamo DB Local Images

docker pull amazon/dynamodb-local

  • Run the docker container from the image

docker run --name mydynamodb -p 3039:8000 amazon/dynamodb-local

This will execute dockerized AWS Dynamo DB on local at port 3039.

Finally you have the Dynamo DB running and open to all sorts of application ✔

Now use this to connect with your Java, .NET or Mule Code.

Hope you liked it.


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