The T-Engineers

I was going through some real self realization today. What I have been doing and what can I do in the near future to excel.

  • Should I enroll in a new course ?
  • Should I get a new certification ?
  • Should I just learn something new?
Inter Discipline Mix

You see, if you stick to one skill, you can never get the inter disciplinary thinking which is often out of the box and brings more business!

For all those engineers out there, thinking of being a architect someday should also get their hands dirty in many skills and technologies. Many might ask Why though? I am good in what I know and I can give good designs.

But, you see business is striving to get more with less, there might be some use cases where AWS might be more useful than an on-premise application. Now, you will know this only when you up skill and learn those new things out there.

What do you all think guys ? Let me know.


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